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Evaluation of Assistive Technology

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What does the quote "one size fits all" mean? And what would be the various steps taken when considering an assistive technology piece?

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Evaluating technology require experience along with a flexible mindset when implementing technology into the classroom. People learn differently and in various ways. Here you will obtain the details surrounding technology. The author shares thoughts and suggestion for evaluating technology that you can use in evaluating its effectiveness for each of your students.

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"One size fits all" mentality is an idea that there is only one approach to quality teaching and learning. When considering assistive technology teachers must understand what assistive technology is exactly. It is any service that directly assists a student with a disability in the selection, acquisition, and use of an assistive technology device. Examples are portable word processor, talking computer based word processing, or any technology or tool needed for the student to accomplish educationally relevant task.

Depending on the specific need of the student, assistive technology most times takes place during the IEP ...

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