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    Considering Assistive Technology

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    1. Name at least three items that could be considered Assistive Technology and describe how those devices could support a student with a disability in the classroom.
    2. Explain two reasons why it is necessary to consider Assistive Technology for students with disabilities.
    3. Imagine a student in your class has disabilities and you've scheduled an upcoming IEP meeting. What types of information should you gather ahead of time to contribute to the discussion of the student's Assertive Technology needs? Name at least four.
    4. During the meeting suggested in the example above, the IEP team recommends Assistive Technology for the student. As a non Special Education teacher, describe your role in the implementation and evaluation processes.

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    As you may be familiar, assistive technology takes many forms with the goal to increase a student's independence and successes while facilitating access to the curriculum which may be impeded by a disability. Often people think of "high tech" when considering AT, such as communication devices. While these are important, simpler forms such as a pencil grip or slanted board can also be implemented under Assistive Technology.

    1. One example of AT is text to speech software. Many classroom computers have some type of this installed, but if a specific brand is warranted that may need to be provided. JAWS is a popular version utilized in schools. When activated the program will read the text on the computer screen aloud to the student. This is helpful for students with reading challenges to complete lessons. The use of ...

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