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Evaluating Assistive Technology

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What are the risks to students and teachers that are involved in approaching assistive technology?

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The term 'assistive technology' encompasses a broad range of assistive devices from 'low-tech' learning tools, such as pencil grips, highlighter, paper stabilizer to high-tech, such as, computers, Braille readers and laptops. Assistive technology should be considered for all students with disabilities.

However, there are risks involved when considering implementation of assistive technology device. For example, there is a risk of learned helplessness that a student with a disability can develop. The teacher must observe the student and monitor for ...

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Did you know that risk are associated with technology in the classroom? What would do when students are not improving even while using technology? Here the author disclose reasons to evaluate technology and highlights the various devices used in the classrooms where student learn. Free appropriate public education may not always support technology. Here you will discover answers to these questions and more.