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    An Elementary Student Reading Profile Analysis

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    Analyze and interpret a case study of a second grade male student focusing on the needs and strengths in reading language arts. Include interpretations of reading achievement scores, attitude data, and reading preferences.

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    Developing an individualized plan of differentiated instruction for each student is the ideal way to provide the best possible services for each child. Derek G. is a seven year old, white male second grader who is performing 1-2 grades above level in all academic areas. The data I received on Derek consisted of the AIMSweb Growth Table for Reading which demonstrated Derek's high levels of reading fluency, and a three page Reading Interest-A-Lyzer which Derek completed himself.

    We can see from the data that Derek has advanced abilities in all subject areas and is an especially talented reader; he is above the 90th percentile for reading fluency at the third and fourth grade level, and is between the 50 to 75th percentile range at the fifth grade level. The reading fluency data shows that Derek reads at levels well above most of his peers in his second grade classroom.

    On his Reading Interest inventory Derek indicates that he reads on a daily basis for at least half an hour. He also reports that he has read 8 or more books in the past month, the number of books he has at home is "too many to count", and he borrows books from the library once a week. Derek indicates that he prefers to read books with chapters and enjoys books from many different genres.

    The literature-related activities that Derek prefers are mostly things he would complete on an individual basis; he did not choose "Talk about a book with a friend" or "listen to someone read aloud", which portrays a certain tendency to introversion and visual learning style. The fact that Derek clearly reads for pleasure, not just because he is required to at school also supports ...

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    Provides an analysis of the needs and strengths of a second grade student in the area of reading. Includes recommendations for improving achievement and attitudes towards reading at an early age. (1052 word solution)