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Elementary reading and decoding skills

This job cites a detailed plan to teach work identification skills or strategies.
It then chooses a book or story that contains words that will be suitable as big words for the skills or strategies you want to teach (4th,5th & 6th graders). It then describes what you will do and say to teach the skills and strategies that are appropriate for the story and the reading level of the students.

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This is a start. You have to select the story yourself. And then basically, follow the various strategies which I have included reading the story book to the learners and then asking them for cross checking.

Plan to teach Word Identification Skills and Specific Strategies


One-to-One Matching
Readers at emergent level use one-to-one matching to help control visual attention to print.
"Point and read."
"Did it match?"

Reading is supported to make sense. This is the semantic cue system.

"Are you thinking about what's happening in the story while you're reading?"
"You said _____. Does that make sense?"
"Where can you look?"

Structure is the knowledge of how language works. This is the syntactic cue system.

"You said _____. Does that sound right?"
"Do we say it that ...

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Elementary reading and decoding skills are included.