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    Reading plan: elementary level reading skills building

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    Develop a teaching plan that covers a period of time from one to two weeks for a shared reading of a big book appropriate for emergent readers. Describe in detail what will be done at each step, from the first reading to the final use of the book for teaching points.

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    At elementary reading level, children are still making connection between the icons or pictures, the words that represent them and the contextual meaning.

    Many educational theorists for this age group recommend that use of Constructivist principles of teaching and learning, young learners to make those connections between the written words and their contextual meanings. Decoding refers to the learner's ability to make sense of the printed word in the form of a symbol referring to a particular object of event in a context.

    For any elementary grade level reading plan to be developed

    The following can be done to make such a reading lesson plan to work effectively in enabling young readers to gain maximally in a didactic manner.

    In the first week an ...

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