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Educators and Successful Reading Program

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I need to interview a teacher who has taught in grades 1-3 and launched a successful reading program that incorporated all five elements of reading. The questions would include pre and post assessment and pro's and con's of any specific lesson plans used and data regarding the progress of students so I can make an graphic organizer. Since school is out in my area any help would be welcome so I can come up with a paper.

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The educators and successful reading programs are given. The data regarding the progress of students is determined.

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An interview of a teacher who has launched a successful reading program that incorporated all five elements of reading; the questions would include (1) pre and post assessment (2) pro's and con's, (3) specific lessons plans used (4) data regarding the progress of students; in order to make an graphic organizer.

Mrs. Johnson is a 2nd grade reading specialist in an inclusion public elementary setting. The students level of reading range vastly in the classroom. During the observation the classroom was redesigned for comfort, convenience and maneuvering. Mrs. Johnson had been teaching during that time 13 years; all at elementary grade levels. Currently she is the reading district sponsor and director or reading intervention programs.

The approach she used to design helped each student have access to the learning material by implementing headsets, enlarged visual aids, recorders to read to students, and pencil grips to name a few. More often than not, student used reference pictures and icons to connect unknown words as a method to access learning. The purpose for this was to increase comprehension and fluency, for instance during choral reading the student would hear the correct pronunciation implementing phonics and phonemic awareness through a recorder on the computer. The student is then encouraged to repeat the word back into a microphone device for later use.

The pre and post assessment was ...

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