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    description of one intergenerational program.

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    Intergenerational Programs:

    Using the library data base search engines or the internet, find a description of one intergenerational program. Describe how it works, and the benefits that the article claims participants from each of the generations involved in the program gain from participating in it. Discuss whether you believe that the social interactions between generations in this program are reciprocal; give specific examples of why they are or are not. Discuss briefly whether you believe that a program like this one would work in your own community.

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    The Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, Chicago Chapter, is an example of an inter-generational program. School age children spend time with elderly residents of the community. The purpose of the program is to allow educators to bring real life experience to the classroom. Children list to and relay the stories of the elderly residents they have visited.

    I believe the interactions are reciprocal. Students gain an understanding of what older generations consider to ...

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