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Foster Kids

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Select a family-related topic and briefly describe how you would study the topic using the following approaches:
Ethnographic research
Grounded theory

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300 words of notes and reference reviews briefly correlate the topic of foster teens with three social work methods or approaches: ethnographic research, grounded theory, phenomenology.

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When selecting a family-related topic, foster kids and/or foster care in America exemplify relevant suggestions.

To briefly describe how to study the topic using ethnographic research, it would be beneficial to employ critical ethnography to authentically assess how teens feel and behave emotionally, culturally, socially, and behaviorally during the foster care process and to also ascertain genuine contextual factor associated with the topic. Since it can thoroughly document the true inner lives and daily routines and challenges of this at risk population, it would allow one to pinpoint a guiding question that permeates the topic.

One article presents compelling research using this particular methodology:

Cunningham, M. J., & Diversi, M. (2013). Aging out: Youths' perspectives on foster care and the transition to ...

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