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The Development of Attachment

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The development of attachment is a process that children go through, which families and early care educators can have a positive impact on. Chapter 2 of the text and Nancy Balaban's article, "Easing the Separation Process for Infants, Toddlers, and Families" explains the four types of attachment:

Secure attachment
Insecure/avoidant attachment
Insecure/resistant/ambivalent attachment
Disoriented/disorganized attachment.

Select one of the four attachment styles above. Imagine that a child in your program is exhibiting attachment issues in this type of attachment. For this discussion, explain how you might communicate with parents to help foster a positive attachment in the early care and education program.

Your response should address the following:

Characteristics of this type of attachment to inform parents
Shared communication plan to engage parents
Suggestions that you would offer to foster a positive attachment in the classroom

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As you delineate the types, a Secure attachment deems the caregiver as a secure, protective foundation. The baby freely explores the environment with the parent. This child might protest when separating from parents but smiles more often when the parent is present.

The Insecure-Avoidant type does not believe that the caregiver will protect or provide. The child sees the caregiver as unsafe and stressful. The baby does not protest when the parent departs.

The Insecure-Resistant type ...

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