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    Infant and Toddler Activities

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    Describe activities that caregivers can plan that foster physical development in infants and toddlers?

    Describe activities that caregivers can plan that foster social and emotional development in infants and toddlers?

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    Physical Development:
    For children 12-18 months old:
    • Provide pull toys to encourage children to pull themselves up or walk.
    • Provide toys such as soft balls or beanbags that can be thrown safely to help children develop the patterns of throwing overhand.
    • Provide opportunities indoors and outside to allow children to carry objects from one place to another.
    • Provide babies with opportunities to pound or hammer wooden pegs into a workbench to develop developmental skills.
    Build the above into activities like:
    - Tie a stretchable band on one of the walls and encourage the kids to pull at it.
    - Keep shape sorter toys around
    - Give them sorting activities like separating big pieces from small pieces
    - Bouncing on a large ball
    - Rocking horse
    - At the playground go on swings, see saw and slides.
    - Let them pound a toy workbench.
    - Let them play in a sandbox. Give them water to measure and pour.
    - Let them stack blocks and other objects.
    - Provide ...

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    The expert describes activities that caregivers can pan that foster physical development in infants and toddlers.