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    Norming and Test Use

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    Please help me with the following:

    The normative sample used to develop a test has implications regarding the populations to which the normed scores can be generalized. Consider the following excerpt from the Mental Measurements Yearbook review of the Infant-Toddler Development Assessment, paying particular attention to the group used to develop or norm the instrument and considering how this may affect the populations with which the test is able to be used.

    Provide a brief description of the test and population. Explain whether or not this test can be appropriately used with this population.
    Please give some references.

    You can use this reference: Provence, S., Erikson, J., Vater, S., & Palmeri, S. (1995). Infant-toddler developmental Assessment. Mental measurements yearbook (12th ed.). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.

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    Dear student,

    The question is pretty straightforward. Essentially, you are being asked to explain the applicability of the test to the population. Is it applicable? How will it affect it? You can answer this question concisely, I believe, following this outline:

    1. About the test - what is it about?
    2. The population intended and its effects
    3. Your views

    As always, any references, you need to cite within the body. I believe; however, that this should cover what you need.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    On the Infant-Toddler Development Assessment (IDA)

    This particular test is utilized to look into the development of children and to provide early identification of those who might be developmentally at risk. The normative sample utilized is based on the 'prescribed norm' regarding the acceptable development level of children at particular stages during infancy to toddler stage (from 0-3 years old). In Provence, Erikson, Vater, and Palmeri (1995), the test includes certain manipulatives in terms ...

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