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    Norm and Norming in Psychological Testing

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    What is a norm and norming in psychological testing?

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    What is a norm and norming? A norm is and "provides an indication of the average, or typical performance of a specified group and the spread of scores above and below the average." (Sattler, 2001) "Norms are needed because the number of correct responses in itself is not very meaningful." (Sattler, 2001) One must know where one stands educationally, socially, and psychologically. Some of the types of norms and norming are for representativeness and size. "Representativeness refers to how characteristic the group is of a particular population." They should match as closely as possible the major demographic characteristics of the population as a whole." (Sattler, 2001) "Size is the number of subjects in the norm group should be large enough to assure that the test scores are stable and that the subgroups in the population are ...

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    Norms and norming are important aspects of testing educationally and psychologically.

    This is a solution that will give basic definitions for the topics of norms and norming. It will give some limitations of the use of norms and norming.