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    Informal Assessments Early Childhood Education

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    This week Mrs. Ashland has been asked to be a part of a shared decision-making opportunity in an effort to adopt a center wide informal assessment tool that is developmentally appropriate for preschool children. Use this information to help develop your assignment

    Read the 3 headings and scenarios which present various current controversies in early education. Choose one of the arguments and then choose a side of the argument to defend using your content knowledge, knowledge of developmentally appropriate assessment practices presented in Chapter 5, critical thinking and personal philosophy.

    Heading 1:
    Are Formal Standardized Tests acceptable to use in preschool?

    Standardized Recess Image
    Heading 2:
    Do you think teachers are adequately prepared to use assessment data to make instructional decisions?

    Positive for Stress

    Heading 3:
    Should there be a form of on-going informal assessment at the infant/toddler levels?
    ECE Standardized Assessment schedule

    Guided Response: Review your classmate's posts. Choose two to argue respectfully for the opposing side. Be sure to justify your ideas with course content and knowledge. Remember to use respectful netiquette, but remember that challenging others' thinking through disagreements allows all individuals to better understand varying perspectives.

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    I am choosing Heading 3. I do believe there should be on-going informal assessments at the infant/toddler levels. This is because informal assessments at these stages can yield many great results. Of course by using on-going informal assessments, the instructors/teachers would be able to track how well the infant/toddler is learning. This can be great because it can help to track how the child learns best. This information can be used to help the child's teachers in elementary school. The elementary school teacher could then ...

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    A look at why informal assessments should be used in early childhood education.