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    Early childhood education issues: federal and familial

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    Why is it important to recognize the current practices in federal policies affecting early childhood education? How will this affect educators in the classroom?

    How do society, economics, and cultures affect child development both in the classroom environment and at home?

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    In particular, it is vital to recognize the current practices in federal policies affecting early childhood education since they strongly influence educators in the classroom in terms of lesson planning, assessments, communication with and fostering parental involvement, teacher morale and job satisfaction, health, fitness, and nutritional expectations, content alignment, and expected benchmarks/standards, and objectives, to name a few.

    One article elaborates:
    Kenny, J. (2015). "DEVELOPING" CHILDHOOD, GOVERNMENT STYLE. New American (08856540), 31(6), 23-27.

    The author asserts that Obama is making child care less of a personal matter and "more of a governmental responsibility" (23). These ramifications certainly permeate the ...

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    400 words of notes and references briefly summarize how early childhood education issues are greatly affected by both federal and familial/environmental factors. Informal notes are offered to brainstorm the topic generally.