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steps found in business process engineering

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Review the steps found in business process engineering. Review the lesson presentation and assigned readings. Post the step you think could be altered and explain why. Respond to the following and, if appropriate, include personal experiences as part of your answer:
• Briefly summarize the steps in business process engineering.
• Identify one step that you think can be altered and describe how you would change it.
• Explain your reasoning for the altering this step and how it would affect the end result of the business process.

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The steps to a successful business process re-engineering.
(1.) Prepare for business process re-engineering
• Create across functional team
• Identify the objective that is customer driven
• Create a strategic purpose
(2.) Map and Analyze As-Is Process
• Create activity models
• Create processes
• Simulate and conduct activity based costing
• Identify any process issues
• Identify ...

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The solution discusses the steps founds in business process engineering.

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