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    Steps in a new product development process

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    Explain the purpose of each step of the new product development process. ( There are seven steps according to your text, so please cover each one) Are there certain steps which seem more critical in the process? Please support your answer with at least two examples.

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    New product development process has the following steps:

     Idea Generation: This is the first step of developing a new product process. The main purpose behind this step is to create a need of the new product that can be utilized by the customer in an effective manner (Cooper, 1988).

     Idea Screening: In this step the idea of product development takes shape. The research evaluates the advantages of the new product idea for the target market (Crow, 1998).

     Concept Development and Testing: The main aim of this step is to identify the attributes of the products which should be usable for the consumers (Husig, Kohn & Poskela, 2005). The researcher also evaluates the reaction of the consumers in future towards the new product to develop engineering and marketing details (New Product Development Process: Steps to Develop New Products and Services, ...

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    The purpose of each steps of the new product development process are explained. The steps which are the most critical in the process are determined.