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The Stages of Technology Development in the Technology Industry

I need your help in describing the stages of technology development in Technology Industry by outlining a logical road map that contributes to Industry's business goals based on current technologies, business needs and future direction. Presents alternatives to the chosen road map and defends why the recommended course is best.

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Stages of Technology Development:

1. Proof of Concept: This is the initial stage of commercialization. The development in this stage involves taking an idea and conducting enough research to prove that the idea is feasible and can work.

2. Reduction to Practice/Prototype: This stage of development takes the proof of concept and builds a working model (prototype). If the technology is a process or not a tangible product, the development involves moving the technology to the stage a working model or has real world function.

3. Pre-product testing: Pre-product testing involves a series of experiments and modifications to the prototype to evolve the technology to commercial application.

4. Alpha Testing: Alpha testing is the first step in the commercialization phase of product development.Alpha testing is the in-house testing phase of the commercial product.

5. Beta Testing: This is a critical stage in commercialization in that the company beta tests its product with end users.

6. Pre-commercial Product Sales : Company is selling beta or noncommercial grade products (beta) to customers for testing or for research and development purposes only.

7. Scale up/Production Design/Manufacturing The company is ramping up for ...

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The stages of technology development in Technology Industry