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    International transfer of knowledge and technology

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    Define technology transfer

    why is technology tranferred within a mnc

    what are the advantages/disadvantages of intra firm technology transfer

    barriers to intra firm technology transfer and how can these be overcome

    senior management implications

    pls dont jst use bullet points pls also explain them if possible

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    define technology transfer

    The process of transferring scientific findings from research laboratories to the commercial sector. The process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products by the commercial sector. Technology transfer also refers to the process by which existing knowledge, facilities or capabilities developed under federal research and development funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. It includes a range of formal and informal co-operations between federal laboratories and the public and private sectors. The purpose of the transfer is to strengthen the economy by accelerating the application of federal laboratory technology and resources to private and public needs and opportunities. Results of successful technology transfer efforts include product improvement, service efficiencies, improved manufacturing processes, joint development to address government and private sector needs, and the development of major new products for the international marketplace The practice of making technological information and aid available at low or no cost to agencies in developing countries. Although it may conflict with patent considerations, technology transfer is an effective means of ensuring the spread of energy-efficient, greenhouse-gas-diminishing industrial capabilities. The term also refers to the co-development of new or advanced systems through partnerships between enterprises in different countries

    why is technology transferred within a mnc
    The process of transferring technology (inventions, patents or other intellectual property) from one operation or branch to another. Usually, a patent or trademark license agreement is required to memorialize the details of the transfer. The transfer of technology mandated as part of a counter trade or offset agreement, other than co production ...