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    Legal restrictions in International Business

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    Details: In an effort to expand its specialty chemical business into the growing markets in Asia and the People's Republic of China, several board members made a goodwill trip to the People's Republic of China to meet with foreign ministers and to pave the way for expansion into the marketplace. Each board member carried one of the company's top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art laptop computers with the company's trademark new processor. The Chinese ministers were so taken with the laptop that one of the board members, in a gesture of goodwill, offered his laptop to the Chinese minister as a token of that goodwill.

    You learned of the goodwill gesture and now need to draft a memorandum for the board on the potential company exposure as a result of the gift of the new laptop to the Chinese minister.

    Discuss the restrictions on certain types of technology that the United States has imposed in the name of National Security. Compare and contrast the international equivalents of these acts with the American prohibitions on technology transfers.
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    //Before writing about the restriction of the United state on China, first we will write about the use of the technology in China and also the responsibility of US towards the world and citizens of nation. A brief introduction about the law for the security of the public from the undesired use of technology will also be discussed.\

    In the dynamic environment, in order to capture growing market share and increase productivity concerns' continuity to represent the company's performance effectively, so that it is easy to create a goodwill around the world. In order to impress or build or retain company's goodwill in the marketplace of Asia and China, one of the executive of the Specialty chemical business gift the company's top of the line laptop to the Chinese minister, so that it will be easy to pave the way for the expansion into the marketplace. As the result of the gift, the potential company exposure can easily capture large market share in the growing markets, various grants or reduction in the development of the chemical business unit, etc.

    A civil rights protection is one of the major responsibilities of the United States. The Unites States formulates or implemented the world's strongest protection rights to preserve the civil rights, in order to maintain the national security or peace around the world. The certain liberal constitutional protections and legal laws encourage the people to express their views and feeling. Laws also help to promote freedom of informational technology, speech and privacy. The key responsibility of the federal control laws is to protect the national security by formulating various legal laws. These constitutional laws can forbid the export of unlicensed information related to the various products like military equipments, missiles and technologies and it also helps to control the free flow of information or access the secret information, various software and technical data by the peoples in the Unites States or beyond the national boundaries. The restrictions imposed by the United States on the various technologies in the name of national security include the following technologies that are discussed below:

    //After discussing the responsibility of US towards its public, now we will discuss the role of information technology. After it we will discuss the reason behind them, the restriction and also the type of restriction, which are imposed by government for national security. I am just providing an overview on it; you are free to add more for your ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1517 words with references.