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E-Business 400

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Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that Travelocity.com must address.?

Describe how Travelocity.com handles security, confidentiality, and international issues?

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Travelcity.com must address
LEGAL ISSUES the legal issues related to the information, which is given to the customer relating to the prices, the discounts of tickets, locations, mode of transport and accommodation. The legal issues also relate to the relationship with the investors, the use of logos, privacy information, taxes applicable in different countries and sweepstakes.
ETHICAL ISSUES these relate to the use of member registration information, privacy issues like the profile of the person, online surveys and the use of cookies. Giving of information to the members that is honest, sufficiently detailed and efficient even if it is not directly in the interest of Travelcity.com
REGULATORY ISSUES these involve investor relations, tax recovery charges, air transactions, hotel transactions, car ...

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