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The Importance of Adhering to the Law in Business Practices

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Please refer to the following articles:
1. Henriques, D.B. (2010, January20).F.B.I. Charges Arms Sellers With Foreign Bribes. New York Times. New York Times.
2. Barboza, D. (2010, January 1). Telecom Company to Pay $3 Million in China Bribe Case. New York Times.

1. Do you think that a company has a greater responsibility to its employees to provide jobs and its stockholders to return their investment than it does to uphold the law? Why or why not?
2. Are U.S. companies at a disadvantage compared to other nations' businesses because of U.S. business ethics law? Why or why not?
3. Should the U.S. change its law with regard to international business customs in order to compete equitably? Why or why not?
4. If a company can make the payments without getting caught, should it do so? Why or why not?
5. If an employee of the company is caught for making illegal payments, does the employee bear any legal responsibility for carrying out the company's wishes? Why or why not?

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The expert evaluates the importance of legal restriction in doing business.

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1. I think that a company has a greater responsibility to uphold the law than to satisfy employee or stockholder demands, due to the fact that it is ethically appropriate for a company to abide by legal statutes, as well as the fact that the company can suffer dire consequences from not following the law, which could include the company being forced to shut down operations, which would be counterproductive to the satisfaction of employee and stockholder demands as well.

2. US companies are not at a disadvantage compared to other nations' ...

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