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    Interchangeable Ethics and Law

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    Discuss the interaction between the following pairings of characteristics:

    • Ethical and legal
    • Unethical and legal
    • Ethical and illegal
    • Unethical and illegal

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    Trevino and Nelson (2004) The definition of ethics: the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group---focuses on conduct. We expect employers to establish guidelines for work-related conduct, including what time to arrive and leave the workplace, whether smoking is allowed on the premises, how consumers are to be treated, and how quickly work should be done. Guidelines about ethical conduct aren't much different. Many employers spend a lot of fill out expense reports to what kind of client gifts are acceptable, to what constitutes a conflict of interest or bribe (p.13).

    Unethical is, of course, the opposite of the ethical - not adhering to the standards of conduct governing an individual or group. Unfortunately, many companies are found be unethical in their business dealings such as dishonesty and unreliable.

    Unethical and legal

    To better illustrate, a legal company with unethical behaviors: Wal-Mart's unethical employee treatment practices.

    An Internet article, Jehov (2007), Wal-Mart's Business Practices - Wal-Mart has been accused of discriminating against women. Women had been denied training and promotion opportunities that are offered to men. In addition women are underpaid. That is, men are paid more than women.

    According to Hoover's Handbook of American ...

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    "Legal" and "ethical" are often interchangeably use in the same context as it relates to issues. However, legal refers to law, and ethical refers to ethics. Therefore it is best to use within that context.