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    Ethics Dilemma Presented

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    Bell, E., & Bryman, A. (2007, March). The ethics of management research: An exploratory content analysis. British Journal of Management, 18(1), 63â?"77. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.

    How might you research the dilemma presented in the article? Would you examine causation, interventions, solutions, structural issues, or other aspects? Select one or two aspects of the issue presented, and think about how you might formulate a research-oriented approach that would benefit the larger professional practice.

    Begin by presenting a brief overview of the article. Next, present the ethical dilemma, followed by your research approach and its potential practice-based benefits.

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    This research, for me, would have to be carried out to identify the structures that create the issues in the management field. As the article indicates, ethical research is usually done from the sociology point of view and this is not conducive in many cases to gaining knowledge about the management. Management has many issues to consider that are not as prevalent or set up in the same way in sociology. The authors here make the point that protection and bias are different under the sociological frameworks for study of ethics. The theories are more fluid in sociology, allowing for mixing more easily. The terms power, bias, conflict are all intangibles in sociology. This is not so with the ...

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    How you may research the dilemma presented in the article is determined.