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    Kantian vs. Utilitarian Ethical Decisions

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    Ethics (Moral Philosophy or Axiology) is the branch of philosophy, built upon Epistemology and Metaphysics, which explores the question of what "ought" we to do. Ethics includes social and political philosophy, as well as aesthetics (the study of beauty). In daily ethical decisions most often we use choices we have learned from family, religious, and cultural influences. In more complex situations, when we encounter problems for which we have no experience, it's not so easy. Using the theories of ethics presented in this module, how would you resolve this ethical dilemma? Include in your response, How this issue might be addressed according to either utilitarianism or Kantian ethics? Cite correctly the information in this module, or any other sources you may have had to use.

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    Whatever the ethical dilemma, if having to choose between the schools of Utilitarianism or Kantian thought, it often seems easier to choose Kant's method. This is ...

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    A brief explanation of a choice between Kantian or Utilitarian measures for personal ethics is posited. Over 100 words.