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    Gem Packing and the IAA Code of Ethics for Internal Auditors

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    Case 1: An Auditors Dilemma
    Found in Ethical Issues in Finance and Accounting (Page 409)
    Originally from Joh R. Boatright, Ethics and the Conduct of Business, 2nd ed. C: 1993. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ.

    1. Is the IAA code of ethics really helpful in resolving Alison's dilemma? Why or why not?
    2. Greg blames the incentive system for the dilemma. Is he right?

    All Case Studies should include the following in this order:

    1. Case Study Title and Page Number from the text.
    2. An abstract 'summary' of the case (yes, this comes at the beginning).
    3. Philosophical questions for which you want answers.
    4. Researched answers to one of the questions presented with the case.
    5. Conclusions about the case (case specific).
    6. Your thoughts about the case. This is where you can put in your thoughts or two-cents. Everything before this should be neutral to your feelings.

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