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    What is Tennessee's accounting code of ethics?
    Does Tennessee's provide for accountant client privilege?
    What is Tennessee's position on accounting work product?
    What are at least 4 code violations that may result in criminal and/or civil accountant liabilities?
    How has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act impacted the professional and ethical standards of accountants?

    Please provide references.

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    //In this paper, we have discussed about the 'Accounting Code of Ethics', as laid down by the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants. Ethics are becoming more and more important in the profession of accounting and because they are being ignored by many accounting professionals, more stress is being laid upon their formation and execution. I am just furnishing you a brief overview to raise your knowledge.//

    Tennessee's accounting code of ethics

    The Tennessee Society lays down the 'Accounting Code of Ethics' and it emphasizes that the accountants should know about the standards and rules of the position and should be always ready to accept personal responsibility for the future predictable results of their actions. Besides, it also lays equal stress on the fact that the accountants should recognize the long run effects of their behavior. They should always conduct work with absolute dignity, integrity, independence and respect for the position they hold in the society (TSCPA, 2009).

    //Moving to the next part of instructions, we talk about the 'Accountant Privilege' and the position on the accounting work product. If you want, you can use other examples of integration. I am just providing you a brief overview.//

    Accountant Client Privilege and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 825 words with references.