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Tennessee In The Civil War

Why was Tennessee so important to both sides during the Civil War? Explain the contributions of Tennesseans to the war effort (both sides). Describe one battle that took place in Tennessee during the Civil War and what impact it had. What effect did the Civil War have on Tennessee life and economy?

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Tennessee was extremely important to both sides during the Civil War because it was a vital strategic area, which could provide an offensive base for either side to launch attacks deeper into enemy territory. For the Confederates, it could provide a base to attack into Kentucky, a state both sides wanted; and in the early days of the war there was even talk among Southerners of launching an attack on St. Louis, Mo. from Tennessee. For the Union, Tennessee could prove a gateway into the heartland of the Confederacy, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The Mississippi River, the vital waterway of the war, ran through western Tennessee, and the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers ...

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The importance of Tennessee in the American Civil War, and the major events that took place in that state.