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    Why the North was victorious in the Civil War

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    Why was the North victorious in the Civil War? What were the major factors in the victory of the North over the South?

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    There are many reasons why the North was victorious in the Civil War. I will discuss two of these major factors below:

    A) The South was not in an economic position to wage a successful war

    First all, I would like to point out that BOTH the North and South alike were unprepared for the civil war--economically and militarily. The South however, was more unprepared than the North. The Confederacy was less unprepared because they had no tax structure (in order to finance the heavy costs of the war), no navy, only two small gunpowder factories, were poorly equipped, had unconnected railroad lines, and had problems raising and supplying large armies. Despite all these problems, it must be pointed out that many scholars still debate about whether or not it was the south's economic position that led to its demise during the Civil War.

    What is clear however, is that the lack of a strong economic structure greatly influenced the diverse outcomes of the civil war for the Confederacy. A poor economy resulted in significant supply problems. For example, supplying Confederate troops with clothing and food proved to be difficult. Southern soldiers frequently went without shoes. Consequently, during the South's invasion of Maryland in 1862, thousands ...

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    This solution outlines the major factors in the victory of the North over the South during the civil war.