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Louisiana Purchase and Mexican War's role in the Civil War

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How did the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican War contribute to the crisis that led to the Civil War?

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The Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican War

I will look at the two events separately and give you an outline if the significance of each as well as how it ultimately influenced the civil war.

The Louisiana Purchase:
In 1803, U.S. negotiators worked out a deal to buy from France 828,000 square miles in the middle of the North American continent. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of America. Jefferson was President at the time and wasted no time in sending people out west to size up the sizable new territory.

The issues that contributed to the civil war were based upon two factors - slavery and issues relating to the border. Although the civil war happened sixty years down the road from the Louisiana Purchase, events pertaining to the Louisiana Purchase did indirectly influence it.

This newly acquired territory became the topic of dispute between pro-slavery and anti-slavery parties. In 1819, the territory of Missouri petitioned ...

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The solution lists the Louisiana Purchase and Mexican War's role in the Civil War. Even though these events took place much before the start of the Civil War, there were developments that took place in these two events that contributed to/eventually led to the Civil War. Each situation is looked at seperately.