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    What if Louisiana hadn't been purchased?

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    If the Jefferson administration didn't acquire the Louisiana territory what would have come of the United States? How would America's history and development been affected? Would our westward expansion have ever happened? What national flag might have been planted west of the Mississippi River? What world events might have been changed?

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    Your question on the Louisiana Purchase is an interesting one. As you may recall, the only reason that the land know as the "Louisiana Territory" was even available for purchase was because Napoleon Bonaparte was looking for money to replenish France's coffers. He took power in 1799, ending the rather chaotic period of the French Revolution. The disorder of that period, coupled with the loss of revenue following the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) left France nearly with out a sou (fighting wars and overthrowing your own government is expensive). With his faith in western expansion rattled, Napoleon set about unloading ...

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    This solution addresses the question of what might have occurred if Jefferson had not purchased the Louisiana territory from France. Two possibilities - France not selling Louisiana at all, and France selling to another country - are explored, with discussion of the consequences of each scenario for America.