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Louisiana healthcare and the federal government

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I'm having problems finding information on Louisiana health care system. I have to answer these questions, and I can't seem to find what I am looking for. Could you please help me answer them?

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I have provided you with some beginning information and some references to continue any searches you may need to do. I used the terms for search: louisiana healthcare, federal; business Louisiana healthcare partnership; and louisiana healthcare improvements. Each of these I followed through until I found some pertinent information.

a. What is the relationship of the federal government to Louisiana's health care system as of now (both politically and financially).
The federal government is still helping with areas such as Medicaid for citizens in LA, but other areas are in jeopardy. The federal government required that the healthcare system in LA be overhauled to be more patient friendly in terms of access to doctors of the patient's choosing rather than only being seen in charity hospitals. The federal government is trying to tie the funding for a new hospital in New Orleans to these required reforms, suggested ...

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Answers to questions on the state of healthcare in Louisiana and with the federal government in the years since Katrina.
Some sources are provided.

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