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California and Louisiana Governor Power

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Does the legislature or governor have more power in California and Louisiana and why? I thought Texas would, but I am seeing that these other states do and trying to find out why. Please add references so I can study and read up on this.

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I would partially disagree to a finding that states California and Louisiana have more power (assuming you mean more power than other states in the U.S.). Both of these states' legislatures play fairly major roles; for instance, California has the most amount of electoral seats in its legislature than any other state, followed by Texas and New York. California is also a major state for its shipping ports to import and export goods for trade with our Asian counterparts, and holds many important naval and air bases. However, California today would not rank as the most powerful given the deteriorating economic conditions it has faced in the last four years. The state went through many cuts in pension programs, made job cuts and major cities in California were on the verge of going bankrupt. With these many issues, and a divided legislature that made it hard to agree on stimulus measures to stimulate the state economy, California and its governorship would not qualify as the most powerful.

Louisiana may seem more 'powerful' because as of late, it has the backing of the federal government to push ...

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