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    The Impact of the Louisiana Purchase to the United States

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    Describe the events leading to the Louisiana Purchase. What objections did Jefferson hold and how did he reconcile these? What ramifications did this purchase hold for the new nation?

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    The Louisiana Purchase is considered the greatest real estate deal in history. The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France at a price of $15 million, or approximately four cents an acre. The ratification of the Louisiana Purchase treaty by the Senate on October 20, 1803, doubled the size of the United States and opened up the continent to its westward expansion (The Library of Congress, 2011).

    SparkNotes (2012) records these events leading to the purchase of Louisiana:
    1. The vast territory was originally populated by native tribes ranging from the Choctaw in the southeast to the Apache in the southwest to the Sioux in the northern plains.

    2. European exploration soon began to encroach on native life, and the territory was grandiosely claimed for France in 1682 by explorer Robert Cavelier, who named it Louisiana after the reigning monarch, King Louis XIV.

    3. French domination in the Americas suffered a blow during the Seven Years War, which was won decisively by Britain.

    4. Per the terms of the 1763 Treaty of Paris, France suffered to relinquish Florida to Britain on Spain's behalf.

    5. As compensation, France transferred control of Louisiana to Spain, more or less allowing them to administer to it by proxy, as France was clearly the more powerful nation.

    6. Looking to firm up Frances foothold in the Americas, Napoleon arranged for the retrocession of Louisiana in exchange for a ...

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    The solution analysis the impact of the purchase of Louisiana by the United States. This shows how quick wit and prompt decision making by the U.S. statesmen factored in the negotiation with the French.