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    Environmental/Geographic Factors for US Expansion and Egypt's Development

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    What are two factors (environmental or geographic) that contributed the greatest to the development and expansion of the US?

    What is one factor that contributed to Egypt's expansion and development?

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    The two geographical expansions responsible for the most important development of the United States were the Louisiana Purchase and the purchase of Alaska from Russia. America bought Louisiana from France during the rule of Napoleon which resulted in the largest expansion of America ever. This purchase of geography resulted in the future addition of 8 current states and large portions of land in at least 6 other future states. This purchase dramatically changed America into an emerging country instead of the colonial remnant that emerged after the American Revolution. In gist this purchase was responsible for America gaining wealth and future power because of the cultivation of this geography into the newly formed union of the Confederate States of America, which as a result of this purchase was able to acquire many new states toward becoming the United States.

    The second biggest geographical expansion was the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. At the time this purchase also resulted in all of Alaska and a large portion of what would become known as California becoming a part of America. In addition to the vast ...

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    Discusses what environmental/geographic factors that contributed to the expansion of the U.S.