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Strategic Management

Answer the following:

Conduct an External Environmental Scan for your organization and place each trend on a 3x5 index card. Identify the key trends in the social and task environments. Cluster the scan cards into the following areas: social, technological, economic, ecological, political and industry trends. Select key trends which offer threats and opportunities to the organization. Reorganize the scan cards by placing the key trends into columns of threats, opportunities, or both.

From this point on in the course, continue to scan the external environment and write a weekly abstract on a trend or development that is likely to influence the future of your organization. You may search for the trends or developments in any information source. Magazines, newspapers, television and the Internet are good information sources. In your abstract, include the title, author, and source of the information, abstract of the article or information, and implications for your company

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// A business unit works in external environment. External environment influences business profitability as well as sustainability. To get the success in this competitive environment, we should deeply analysis of external factor, which affects the business long term growth. So, here, we will discuss about what political factor will affect IBM business. //


The political situation of US will change after elections. It is expected that the confidence of investor will be increased. So, there are great opportunities for the expansion of business.
The environmental rules and regulations in the US are very much strict and rigid. They affect company's production process and output. This creates a threat for the company's business.
The political position of the US is very sound. The Government is trying to boost the economy. This will affect business in a positive manner.
//After analyzing the political factors, we will move further. In the next part of the assignment, we will discuss the social factors. Social factors also affect the business growth. It is only an assistance provided; you are free for more addition.//

Social Factors

The educational trend in US is changing in a continuous manner. It is expected that demand of IT product will be increasing in the coming years. So, the company should reap benefits of this opportunity.
Due to the current recession scenario, the income of the US people has been smashed. So, customer base of company ...

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The response address the queries posted in 950 words with references.