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Transnational Organizations Managing Integration

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1) What are some best practices for managing integration and responsiveness? Why are flexibility and adaptability important for transnational organizations?
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2) Why is the ongoing development of transnational organizations important? How might a transnational organization create and maintain global competitive advantage while adhering to its core values?

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3) How might one recognize the appropriate entry mode for business market entry? If an appropriate entry mode is not recognized, how might it affect the transnational organization?

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The expert examines transnational organizations for managing integration.

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Please find tutorial and help for writing about Integration and Responsiveness, transnational Organizations in the attached file.

Running Head: Transnational Organization

Transnational Organization

Ans. 1:
Best Practices
For managing integration and responsiveness, effective channels of communication and control system play an important role. Proper communication and control system make a chain of integration and responsiveness in a transnational organization. Administrative heritage is another practice that assists to reveal organization's strategic challenges and market opportunities (Bartlett, Ghoshal & Beamish, 2008). Clear roles and responsibilities for geographic employees assist to maintain the integration and responsiveness of transnational organization. Organizational resources and capabilities play an important role for effective responsiveness in the international market. It assists to quick response for the global market. Effective integration of internal process assists for quick response to global market.
Importance of Flexibility and Adaptability
Flexibility and adaptability play an important role for a transaction organization. With the help of flexibility, transnational organization can adopt new environmental changes those may lead for the organization success. Flexibility and adaptability lead the ...

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