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Texas Revolt

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What were the causes and consequence of the Texas revolt? Why did Texas remain for a time an independent nation rather than becoming a part of the union?

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What were the causes and consequence of the Texas revolt?

In 1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain and invited Americans to come settle in its northern province of Texas. Stephen Austin led the first group of Americans into Texas and it was not long before others followed. By 1830 the population of Americans in Texas had grown to 20,000 along with over 1,000 slaves. It was during this time that problems began to develop between the Americans and the Mexican government. The difficulties occurred because:
1. The Mexican government tried to stop further American immigration into Texas.
2. The Mexican government attempted to free the slaves living in Texas.
3. Americans believed the Mexican government was depriving them of local self-government.

In 1836 Americans in Texas rebelled and began to fight for independence. They compared their plight to the ...

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