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"The Revolt of Mother"

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Discuss the relationship between the husband and wife in Freeman's story, "The Revolt of 'Mother'." What do you think of their relationship before Mother's "revolt"? What do you think will change after her "revolt"? What does the story suggest about the role of women in rural New England during the latter part of the nineteenth century?

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"The Revolt of Mother" is explicated in terms of gender dynamics.

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As you discuss the relationship between the husband and wife in Freeman's story, "The Revolt of 'Mother," you might examine what you think of their relationship before Mother's "revolt?" It seems like she was a more like servant, not a wife, not a partner or equal, before the revolt. Please notice how she is disrespected by the husband verbally and emotionally as he utters, ""I wish you'd go into the house, mother, an' 'tend to your own affairs," the old man said then. He ran his words together, and his speech was almost as inarticulate as a growl." By saying that the "house" is her "affair" or domain, he separates them and subjugates her as a woman and spouse.

Although the time period likely still warranted rigid gender roles historically, I think that some changes will occur ...

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