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    Realists and naturalists authors

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    This job considers the endings of the stories listed at the end of this paragragh. Why do these authors end the stories in the way they do? What kind of vision of humanity do they leave us with and why? The works are:

    Adventures of Huck Finn --Mark Twain
    The Outcasts of Poker Flats--Bret Harte
    The Real Thing--Henry James
    A White Heron--Sarah Orne Jewett
    The Awakening--Kate Chopin
    A New England Nun
    The Revolt of Mother--Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
    Under the Lion's Paw--Hamlin Garland
    The Open Boat
    The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky
    The Blue Hoterl---Stephen Crane
    To Build a Fire--Jack London

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    First of all, all listed readings are satirical in some way. ALL of the texts contain a theme of controversy, innocence, and ignorance, or combinations of all three of those themes. The controversies are of the time written. We, as modern day readers, sometimes don't see this because the things that were controversial then is not for us now, as changes have been made. Examples are the slavery issues in Huck Finn and the women's rights since Chopin's work. Also, distinguish between the theme and the subject(s). They are NOT equivalent. Many stories share identical subjects: fate, death, innocence, youth, ...

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