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Anarchy and state response

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What are the effects of anarchy on state behavior according to Neo-Realists? Do you agree? Be sure to provide examples and discuss alternative views.

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The effects of anarchy on state behavior is studied. Alternative views are discussed.

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Anarchy on State Behavior:

Anarchy is the state at which there is no form of political authority or government that is recognized in a given country. The effect of anarchy on state behavior according to Neo-Realists is it entails cooperation of activities that are performed within the systems. This is unlike other structured systems where political powers are divided in a hierarchy of command where different functions are allocated to the different levels of authority. The other effect of on state behavior according to the Neo-Realists is that anarchy tames the behavior of the members in the system units since the members unite to become one force. According to the Neo-Realists, this is unlike in the structured systems where the members have similar goals they want to achieve and therefore ...

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