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    How does the Bill of Rights and Constitution protect us against tyranny and anarchy?

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    The framers of the Constitution feared the twin evils of tyranny and anarchy. Fully discuss how specific provisions of the constitution and the Bill of Rights reflect these fears and protect against both of these extremes.

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    To prevent against anarchy and tyranny, section one of the Constitution was written that establishes congress and its right to make laws (and how this worked, also included in this was the part separating it from the executive branch. Also limits and specific abilities were put in there (like the right to declare law). The right to impeach the president was good to help prevent tyranny too. This is also discussed in section 2 of the constitution. Section 2 was put in to establish the presidency. More specifically, this like the first section discusses power of the president, how he is elected, line of succession (especially good for protecting against ...

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    The expert determines how the Bill of Rights and the Constitution protects us against tyranny and anarachy. The fears which protect against both of these extremes are determined.