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Ethical Considerations in the US Constitution

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What is the framework that the Constitution of the United States establishes to ensure that all citizens are treated with the same ethical considerations? Does the interpretation of the meaning of the works in the framework change overtime?

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The US Constitution & Ethical Considerations

While many argue that the Bill of Rights was an expression of the division of perspectives and opinions between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists among the American founding fathers, what it is essentially aside from being 'amendments' to the ratified Constitution is a set of important 'addendum' that should have 'prefaced' the Constitution for the purpose of establishing ethical practices and considerations of all citizens, an opinion shared and forwarded most of all by James Madison & Thomas Jefferson. At its heart the Bill of Rights protects the rights of citizens from possible abuse by the government and society and guarantees free speech, free press, free assembly & association and ensures right to petition the government. Due process of law is made of great import in terms of government infringement on personal lives including speedy and fair trials ...

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The solution is a 697-word essay that explains the 'framework' in relation to ethics and moral structure that the US Constitution established. Change of interpretation of the framework overtime is also included. References are listed for further research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.

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