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    The Rising Cost of Healthcare: Ethics Review Paper

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    Could you please help me with this paper, I have included my outline. Thank You!


    Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper
    Research an article on an issue that deals with business ethics:
    Briefly summarize the issue in a 1050 to 1400-word paper in which you identify the ground rules manifested in the situation as well as which ethics theories apply. What seems to be the basis of the issue? What ethical change, deficiency, or conflict brought it about? How did the organizational leadership come into play? Propose a plan for revising the ethical standards and the communication of these standards in order to resolve the issue. Be sure to include the citation of the article for reference, and attach a copy of the article to your paper.
    Use in-line citations when either directly quoting the article or when paraphrasing information from it.
    Current Ethical Issue in Business

    I. Description of Situation
    A. Outline the Case
    B. Discuss the Charges
    C. Give opinion of situation
    II. Ethical Theory
    A. Ethical conflict
    B. Illegal but unethical?
    III. Organizational Leadership discussion
    IV. Discussing this within The Organization
    A. Training
    B. Communicating with employees
    C. Updating and signing documentation
    V. Conclusion

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    Dear Student,
    As always, I am going to make a sample solution for you which follows the outline you presented. I have a concern about the article though - since this is a business ethics analysis, the ethical issue in question in the article must be one from a business/organizational viewpoint. As it stands, this article is about a social issue and while it has organizational considerations, it presented an ethnographic viewpoint that needed and industry-critique as well as a business analysis instead of just a business practice critique. The solution I made had to do that and therefore had to exceed the word count. If this were, say, an article that criticised health care provision in an organization, it would have been better for the purpose you were asked. But, no matter, the solution has made do with the demands of the essay. It's up to you to use this solution as best befitting your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Ethical Issues in Business Analysis: Rising Cost of Healthcare

    The Article: Premise, Charges & Opinion

    The article reviewed, 'The Quiet Crisis: The Rising Cost of HealthCare' is an ethnographic compilation of personal accounts brought together to present a messy picture that bring details of a particular social phenomenon to the readers - in this case, the state of American Healthcare System. While primarily qualitative, certain figures are presented - 47 million Americans without health insurance, results of a quantitative survey in relation to American Medical Cost. The article presents a picture of a medical care system in need of what respondents believe to be an overhaul as Healthcare is a basic right of every American as guaranteed by the Constitution. The article presents a bleak picture of the current state of healthcare in that premiums continue to rise and, even for those who are healthy, just to avoid the risk of not being medically insured, they make do with the rising costs despite having to move their budgets around to accommodate medical insurance premiums. Some due to the expense prefer to let go of certain insurance coverages to be among the millions underinsured. For the purpose of coverage a huge number get tied to certain jobs or certain lifestyles, unable to move forward in their lives for fear of losing coverage. Elder Americans dissatisfied with the system pay as much as a $1000 premium each month, seeing their savings depleted due to their health insurance cost. The article presented a rather depressing picture and timely background for the current Healthcare Debate in America in the midst of Pres. Barack Obama's Healthcare revamp bid. In the last few months, all across America from school gymnasiums, town halls to local diners - people have discussed and debated the government healthcare reform bill, with a number against and another number for the changes.

    On an annual basis, the US is said to be 'wasting' about $800 billion of the $2.5 trillion spent annually. Even then, unlike European countries like the UK and Germany, the US does not have a universal coverage where public healthcare is provided to all residents and is free supported by taxation. As a point of example the UK spends 8.5% (about 110.5 billion GBP) of its GDP on public Healthcare towards the NHS or the National Health Service. British residents do not need to pay for exorbitant health care coverage as it is already covered via public welfare. The US government on the other hand provides free healthcare via Medicare for those aged 65 and above, for low-income parents, children, pregnant women and people with certain disabilities. For families who do not qualify yet still need assistance, the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-Chip) can be used. Lastly, military veterans are also provided via the government healthcare scheme. Everybody else are either provided for in terms of healthcare coverage by their employees (well-off corporations and the Federal government have the best coverage possible for employees) or must secure health insurance themselves. With the rising medical costs, premiums have gone up and people struggle ...

    Solution Summary

    The solution is an article review. The article pertains to the ethical debate on the rising cost of healthcare in the US. The solution is a sample paper that follows the outline presented (see origina lproblem) zeroing in on the subject matter of the article with the charges laid out - what the article is about, an opinion on the narrative and an analysis of the ethical elements of the debate using the ethical theories of Contractualism, Utilitarianism and Contextualism. Legal Issues as well as Organizational elements of the Insurance and health Industry is also discussed in relation to rising costs of healthcare from a sociological perspective. The solution follows the APA-format and is alenthy but comprehensive 2,437 wordpaper. References are provided (both web and print). A word version is attached for easy printing.