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    Healthcare cost implications

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    Discuss ethical and legal implications of the rising healthcare cost.

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    The rising costs of healthcare lead to many ethical and legal considerations for patients, administrators and care providers. While the considerations will differ among the various groups involved, they generally surround the seriousness of failing to provide adequate healthcare for all parties.

    For patients, ethical considerations may involve caring for and making decisions about the care of family members. Rising costs often lead to a reduction in the types of services a patient receives or the elimination of various forms of treatment, that may be effective, but considered more costly. In a case presented by Dr. Robert Orr (2009), a 64 year old man placed on a ventilator, after attempts to shrink an esophageal tumor failed, created an ethical dilemma for both the patients' family and healthcare providers.

    The man's son insisted that his father remain on life support for several months, stating that it was their religious beliefs that dictated that everything possible to sustain life be done. Heatlhcare ...

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    Ethical and legal implications of the rising healthcare costs are clearly explored in this case. References are also provided to justify the assertions.