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    Individual & Group Ethics

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    1. How might individual and group ethics/ground rules differ? What are some examples? How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems? How should values and behavior at personal and professional levels differ, and how should they be similar?

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    Individual Ethics

    Individual ethics are shaped by socialization - the amalgamation of experience, observation and influence of one's environment plus genetics and preference. Socialization is about how an individual imbibes and learns cultural and social skills. We learn this from childhood and continuing daily experience. So, if one for example grew up in a very traditional and Christian family, the ethics one will develop will be based on Christian beliefs. If ethics is concerned about what is right and wrong, what is moral and acceptable, then the personal ethical standard one will develop will always be based from what one learns and chooses to adopt in his or her own personal life. Individual ethics are unique according to personal experience and personality. Sometimes people adopt certain ethical philosophies and theories sometimes they only take what is good about a belief system and put certain belief systems together for their own benefit. For example, a Christian can adopt the idea of tolerance and utilitarian values from learning of John Locke's philosophy and from learning ...

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    The solution contrasts and compares individual and group ethics by providing a definition of both and how each is manifested in the individual/group. It further discusses how individuals deal with two conflicting ethical viewpoints (a personal system and an ethical system laid out within the profession/workplace the individual belongs to) providing a narrative on how individuals negotiate personal and professional ethics and values especially when they come into conflict over certain issues and situations affecting status qou. A word version of the solution is attached. The solution follows the APA-format, references are provided.