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How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems?Can you please help me complete these three questions? can you support the answers with quotes from Linda k. Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson.

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1. How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems?

2. Why do individual and group ethics/ground rules differ?

3. What are the points that should be included in an individual code of ethics?

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Question #1
The noun value-system has one meaning: the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group.

Synonyms: ethic, moral principle, value orientation
Living under 2 or more value systems can be both challenging and conflicting at time. If you think about what a value system is - a set of principles telling what is right and wrong then you will understand how have one set of values telling something is right and another telling you something is wrong very hard. We all face this conflict each and every day and there are some easy steps to take to help address these conflicting messages. First, decided how either of them will affect your life as a whole, your job or your family and then chose which one you feel is the best. Second, rely on your own morals to guide the decisions you make and values you follow. Third, research and learn why each value system sets it's principles in the manner in which it does. By doing this you may find that its ...