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    How to deal with living under conflicting value systems

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    #1 How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems?

    #2 How should values and behavior at personal and professional levels differ, and how should they be similar?

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    The biggest conflict of value systems is the one we live every day: Individualism versus Collectivism. Should the wants and needs of an individual take precedence over the needs and wants of a society or community? Our society says no, the needs and wants of the collective group should be more important than the needs of any one individual. The collective group could be a family, a city, a state or a country/

    The premise promotes order and reason within our society. It provides a set of rules we are bound to accept and try to follow. A proponent of individualism might say his/her value ...

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    The 399 word solution presents a good discussion about conflicting value systems - first at an overall and philosophical level, but also at a personal and practical level. The solution expresses an opinion about the method and effects of integrating those conflicts in every day life.