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Discussing Conflict in Values

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Can you recall a situation (IT related) in which you had to deal with a conflict in values? What was it? How did you resolve this issue? Please include references.

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Being a Project Manager in a well-known software development company, I come across different unpleasant situations from time to time in dealing with the strategies related to my project teams. A group of 30 programmers of different skill levels are directly led by me and they are involved in different software development projects which are sometimes for smaller companies: not prioritizing data security much and sometimes the projects involve higher security of data. While making a project plan, I have to ensure the security of the projects along with the well-thought project design and implementation plan. While doing such, I experienced a very conflicting situation for a particular project.

The situation:

While the different development levels of that project was going on under my supervision, the management of the company called a secret meeting ...

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