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Perpetuating Gender Inequality

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Identify the attitude, values, and ideologies that tend to perpetuate gender inequality.

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Gender Issues: Identity, Values, Culture & Homosexuality

There are varied factors that perpetuate Gender Issues, or, specifically, the conflict between genders. For the purpose of discussion, we shall concentrate on the conflict between male and female as the discourse on gender conflict starts within these subjects. In discussing identity, the Philosopher Jacques Lacan believed that psychoanalytically speaking, human beings are born 'subject' to the idea that they have to inhibit a position of power. He believed that society is patriarchal and a baby, in its mirror-phase at infancy looks towards its parents for identification. The child seeks to become like the father while gaining comfort from the mother. Every human being, for Lacan, seeks a position of power and this is always occupied by 'the phallus' or the male gender and women consciously seek this position despite the fact that they lack the physical attributes. Hence, conflict arises. For Lacan, ...

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